The London Book Fair: Baltic Countries Market Focus 2018

  • 2018
  • UK / Baltics

The Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, will be the Market Focus countries at The London Book Fair in 2018. This will be a unique opportunity to see a selection of the best contemporary writers from the Baltics in conversation with UK writers and publishers.

Each year we work with The London Book Fair on their Market Focus programme, a showcase that focuses on the publishing market of one country, to promote the cultural and business opportunities that exist there. In 2018 the spotlight will fall on the Baltics and the UK will play host to a delegation of writers and publishers from the Baltics. The British Council curates the cultural programme, programming seminars, interviews and panel discussions on a range of topics.

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Event details

The London Book Fair, Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX

Tues 10 and Weds 11 April: 09.00–18.30
Thurs 12 April: 09.00–17.00


If you are interested in hearing more about the Market Focus Baltics project, please email Harriet Williams, Harriet DOT williams AT britishcouncil DOT org


Latvia Autumn c Kaspars Daleckis

Our Latvian partners: International Writers' and Translators' House, Latvia The "Latvian Literature"...

(c) Sven Zacek

Our Estonian partners: Estonian Literature Centre (ELIC) The Estonian Literature Centre (ELIC, Eesti...

Lithuania Vilnius Book Fair c none

Our Lithuanian partners: The Lithuanian Culture Institute The Lithuanian Culture Institute is a stat...

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