Upcoming Baltic Literature

| by Leah Cross

Ahead of the Baltic Market Focus at the 2018 London Book Fair, here are some recently and soon-to-be published titles, translated into English.


Jaan Kross, Between Three Plagues (MacLehose Press) - vol. I 2016, vol. II 2017, vol. III 2018
Anton Hansen Tammsaare, Truth and Justice (Vagabond Voices) – vol. I 2018, vol. II 2019
Anton Hansen Tammsaare, I Loved a German (Vagabond Voices) – Autumn 2017
Maarja Kangro, 'Fireworks' in Best European Fiction 2018 (Dalkey Archive Press) - 2017
Mihkel Mutt, The Inner Immigrant (Dalkey Archive Press) – 2017
Rein Raud, The Death of the Perfect Sentence (Vagabond Voices) – 2017
Andrei Ivanov, Hanuman’s Journey to Lolland (Vagabond Voices) - 2018
Doris Kareva, Days of Grace: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe) – April 2018
August Gailit, Toomas Nipernaadi (Dedalus Books) – Spring 2018
Kai Aareleid, Burning Cities (Peter Owen Publishers) – Spring 2018
Ilmar Taska, Pobeda 1946 (Norvik Press) – Spring 2018
Mehis Heinsaar, Short Story Collection (Momentum Books) - Spring 2018
Kristiina Ehin, On the Edge of a Sword (Arc Publications) - Spring 2018
Andres Ehin, Ly Seppel, Shortening the Candle's Wick (Little Island Press) - Spring 2018
Eeva Park, Poetry Collection (Parthian) - Spring 2018

Baltic Belles: The Dedalus Book of Estonian Women's Literature (Dedalus Books) – Autumn 2018



Inese Zandere, One House for All (Book Island) – 2017
Kate Wakeling and E.Brasliņa (illustrator), Moon Juice (The Emma Press) - 2017
Julia Bird and Anna Vaivare (ilustrator), Now You Can Look (The Emma Press) - 2017
Daina Tabūna, First Time (The Emma Press) - 2017
Ieva Samauska, Noisy Classroom (The Emma Press) – 2017
Pauls Bankovskis, 18 (Vagabond Voices ) - 2017
Madara Gruntmane, Poetry Collection (Parthian) – April 2018
Krišjānis Zeļģis, Poetry Collection (Parthian) – April 2018 
Nora Ikstena, Soviet Milk (Peirene) – February 2018 
Kristīne Ulberga, The Green Crow (Peter Owen) – 2018 
Aleksandrs Čaks, Poetry Collection (Shearsman) – 2018 
Laima Kota Muktupāvela, The Mushroom Covenant (Jantar) – 2018 
Pauls Bankovskis, Red, Rats and Rock'n'Roll (Jantar) – April 2018
Orbita: Poetry Collection (Arc Publications) – 2018
Inga Pizāne, Poetry Collection (A Midsummer Night's Press) – April 2018
Vilis Lācītis, Stroika with a London View (Austin Macauley Publishers) – 2018 
Knuts Skujenieks, Poetry Collection (Guernica, Canada) – 2018 
Osvalds Zebris, In the Shadow of the Rooster Hill (Jantar) – 2018
Luīze Pastore, Dog Town (Firefly Press) - 2018
Alberts Bels, Insomnia (Parthian) - 2018 
Alberts Bels, The Cage (Peter Owen) - 2018 
Zigmunds Skujiņš, Flesh-Coloured Domino (Arcadia Books) - 2018
Zigmunds Skujiņš, Nakedness (Vagabond Voices) - 2018
Jānis Joņevs, Doom 94 (Wreckingball) - 2018
Rūdolfs Blaumanis, In Death's Shadow (Momentum) - 2018
Juris Kronbergs, Book of Clouds (The Emma Press) - 2018
Rūta Briede, Queen of Seagull (The Emma Press) - 2018
Eduards Aivars, Poetry Collection (Parthian) - 2018
Mārtiņš Zutis, Discovery that Never Was (Centrala) - 2018
Māra Zālīte, Five Fingers (Dalkey Archive Press) - 2018
Baiba Damberga, Valts Ernštreits, Ķempi Kārl, Trillum: Collection of Livonian Poetry (Livonian Culture Centre) - 2018
Artis Ostups, Poetry Collection (Ugly Duckling Presse) - 2018 
Inga Gaile, Poetry Collection (Pleiades Press) - 2018 
Andrejs Upīts, The Gold (Vagabond Voices) - 2019

Book of Riga (Comma Press) – April 2018, ten short stories by ten Latvian writers



Grigory Kanovich, Shtetl Love Song (Noir Press) – 2017
Tomas Venclova and Ellen Hinsey, Magnetic North: Conversations with Tomas Venclova (University of Rochester Press, US / Boydell & Brewer, UK) – 2017/2018
Ričardas Gavelis, Memoirs of a Life Cut Short (Vagabond Voices) – 2018
Antanas Škėma, White Shroud (Vagabond Voices) – 2018
Dalia Grinkevičiūtė, Shadows on the Tundra (Peirene Press) – 2018 
Gintaras Grajauskas, poetry collection Then What (Bloodaxe) – April 2018
Aušra Kaziliūnaitė, poetry collection The Moon is a Pill (Parthian Books) – 2018
Marius Burokas, poetry collection Now I Understand (Parthian Books) – 2018
Sigitas Parulskis, Darkness and Company (Peter Owen) – 2018 
Renata Šerelytė, The Music Teacher (Noir Press) – 2018 
Rasa Aškinytė, The Easiest (Noir Press) – 2018
Jaroslavas Melnikas, The Piano Room (Noir Press) – 2018
Aušra Kiudulaitė and Evelina Daciūtė, The Fox on the Swing (Thames & Hudson) – 2018
Alvydas Šlepikas, My name is Marytė (Oneworld) - 2018


New Baltic Poetry (Parthian Books) – 2018

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