These blog posts offer an insight into some of the projects that we’ve supported and how the British Council works with literature, including interviews with writers, diaries from international visits, and reflections on completed or on-going projects. The opinions expressed in the blog are those of the authors.

Shakespeare Lives in Illustration: Karrie Fransman

| by Leah Cross

Illustrator and comic creator Karrie Fransman talks about her 'Tragedy' illustration, commissioned for our Shakespeare Lives campaign, and shares before and after sketches of her work.

Shakespeare Lives in Illustration

| by Leah Cross

As part of our Shakespeare Lives campaign, we commissioned three illustrators to visually interpret Shakespearean themes.

Word of the Day - Translating Shakespeare into Romanian

| by Anca Tomus, Alexandru Calin, Andreea Ioana Șerban, Dana Badulescu and George Volceanov

Romanian translators taking part in A Great Feast of Languages workshop in Cologne blog on the most challenging word(s) of the day, when translating texts from Shakespeare's plays.

Word of the Day - Translating Shakespeare into German

| by Jana Mischke and Wiebke Acton; Johanna Ott and Xenia Wierzbicki; Christian Leonhard and Yvonne Jäckel

German translators blog collaboratively on the most challenging word(s) of the day, as they take part in A Great Feast of Languages workshop in Cologne.

Index on Censorship: Edin Suljic

| by Edin Suljic

After visiting his homeland, former Yugoslavia, last summer Edin Suljic was inspired to write his latest poem My Mate Shakespeare. His poem featured in the Spring 2016 special Shakespeare edition of Index on Censorship magazine. The British Council helped to support an event with Index on Censorship around Shakespeare and dissent at the Hay Festival on June 3rd 2016.

Index on Censorship: Shakespeare and dissent

| by Rachael Jolley

The British Council supported an exciting programme of events at Hay Festival, celebrating Shakespeare on the 400 year anniversary of his death. On Friday 3 June, Rachael Jolley, editor of Index on Censorship magazine, was in conversation with Simon Callow, David Aaronovitch and Alexa Huang for an event on Shakespeare and dissent.

A blog from Beyt el Kottab

| by Kerry Young

Writer Kerry Young on her recent trip to Beirut for the International Writers' House, Beyt el Kottab.