Report publication: Publishing Sector in Ukraine

First in-depth large-scale study of Ukrainian publishing sector published by the British Council

Exploring the Ukrainian publishing sector

The British Council, with support from the Ukrainian Book Institute, commissioned the research which was undertaken by Emma Shercliff from February to October 2020, with the aim of exploring the Ukrainian publishing sector in more detail, and finding ways that the British Council and other organisations could contribute to and develop the continuing success of Ukrainian publishers. Emma’s work for a small independent publisher and academic research complemented her approach to the report.

Causes for optimism in the face of significant challenges 

Publishing in Ukraine: a review of the sector identifies significant challenges including a lack of international connections and knowledge sharing, but that there are many causes for optimism. In particular, the research singles out the world-class printing facilities and exceptional design and illustration, as well as considerable rights buying expertise. Notably, the feared ‘total collapse’ of Ukrainian publishing in light of the Covid-19 pandemic has not occurred, with the sector more resilient than envisaged.

The research includes over 100 hours of face-to-face and online interviews with publishers, retailers, librarians, festival workers, representatives of cultural and industry entities, and other stakeholders. The research is the first independent study of this scale in the field, synthesizing external expertise with in-depth interviews of key players in the sector.

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