Sheila Rooswitha Putri

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Sheila Rooswitha Putri was born and raised in Jakarta. The Story of Lala, Sheila’s debut title in 2008, is a collection of stories about her daily struggle with mongrel dogs, a family trip, and an unlucky thief. She writes heart-warming stories about her life with her curious boy and active little girl on her blog, Sheila’s Playground. As most of Sheila’s stories are based on personal experience, Jakarta is a major inspiration for her. Her love of Jakarta has given birth to many urban sketches and several comic collaborations with other artists which brought her to participate in various conventions and group exhibitions, both domestically and internationally. Sheila has also given talks at various art events, where she shares her experience about how everyday life is the main inspiration for her works.

Instagram: @sheilasplayground

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