Nirwan Dewanto


Nirwan Dewanto is a poet, essayist, literary editor, and art curator. His poetry books, Jantung Lebah Ratu (2008) and Buli-Buli Lima Kaki (2010), won the top literary award for poetry for those years. He also writes lyrics for pop music, jazz and keroncong. His poetry has been translated into a number of foreign languages. His essays deal with literary works and issues relating to literature, art performances, visual art, and culture in general. He helped found and assists in managing the Salihara Arts Community in South Jakarta. As an author, he has participated in a number of residence programs, including the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, the House of Literature in Paros (Greece), and the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Some of his poems have translated into English and published under the title The Origin of Happiness (2015) and Museum of Pure Desire (2017).


The Origin of Happiness and Other Poems (Lontar Foundation)


Khatulistiwa Literary Award
Khatulistiwa Literary Award