Faisal Oddang


Faisal Oddang is a young author from Wajo, South Sulawesi. His book, Puya ke Puya, was chosen as the best novel in 2015 by Tempo Magazine. He was awarded Robert Bosh Stiftung and Literary Colloquium Berlin Grants 2018, Iowa International Writing Program 2018, ASEAN Young Writers Award 2014, Best Short Stories Writers 2014 by Kompas Daily, and Prose Writer of The Year 2015 by Tempo Magazine. He has been invited to speak at Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2014, Salihara International Literary Biennale 2015 and Makassar International Writers Festival 2015, and participated in writer’s residency 2016 in the Netherlands organised by the Indonesian National Book Committee. His work is inspired by history, heritage, and ancestry of traditional Indonesian culture. He founded Makassar Institute of Literature: a school of creative writing, publisher and literary consultancy based in Makassar.


Faisal Oddang Puya ke Puya

Faisal Oddang Tiba Sebelum Berangkat


Puya ke Puya


ASEAN Young Writers Award
Best Short Story Writers Kompas Daily
Prose Writer of the Year Tempo Magazine
Best Essayist Asean Literary Festival

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