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A free anthology of short stories from Myanmar.

Contemporary Short Stories from Myanmar

In 2017 the British Council produced an anthology of short stories from Myanmar. 
In 2012 the British Council sought to take advantage of new freedoms in literature and travel through a programme of workshops. The aim of the five-year literature programme in Myanmar was to give a voice to unheard and aspiring writers from the ethnic statesThe best stories from the workshops underwent transcription, translation and editing and the resulting multilingual anthology was published in 2015 in Myanmar. An English language anthology was published in 2017.
The seven stories were written in scripts which were censored until 2012. They go beyond the familiar narrative of isolation and dictatorship to unveil a diverse landscape of people and place. From the child imprisoned in Yangon in the south to the jaded Kachin miner in the north the stories are each set in a different region and era. They reflect on Myanmar’s troubled past and pose questions for the future of a country undergoing a transformation.

How can I read the anthology?

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