Simon Brett

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Simon Brett was born in Surrey and studied English at Oxford University.

He worked as a producer in radio and television for some years, and in 1979 became a full-time writer.

His first published work was a play, Cast in Order of Disappearance (1975), and it has been followed by others, including Silhouette (1998), which toured nationally starring Stephanie Beacham, A Bad Dream (2004) and two pantomimes: The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood (1998), and Sleeping Beauty (1999).  He has also written for radio, including the series No Commitments, Dear Diary, Smelling of Roses and After Henry.

He is perhaps best known for his detective novels, which are in three series: the Charles Paris series, comprising 16 books which include An Amateur Corpse (1978), Murder Unprompted (1992), Corporate Bodies (1999) and A Decent Interval (2014); the Mrs Pargeter series, which include A Nice Class of Corpse (1986), Mrs Pargeter's Package (1990), Mrs Pargeter's Plot (1996) and Mrs Pargeter's Point of Honour (1998), the eponymous heroine being a widow with a shadowy past; and the Fethering series, set in a fictional village on the south coast of England and including The Body on the Beach (2000), Murder in the Museum (2003) and The Stabbing in the Stables (2006).  The latest book in this series is A Strangling on the Stage (2013). Other novels include Dead Romantic (1985), adapted for BBC2, and A Shock to the System (1984) which was made into a film, starring Michael Caine. In his novels Blotto, Twink and the Ex-King's Daughter (2009) and Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess, Brett introduces the brother and sister sleuthing duo Blotto and Twink.

He has edited the Faber Books of Useful Verse (1981), Parodies (1984) and Diaries (1986), and his humorous non-fiction titles include a series of How to be a Little Sod books and The Wastepaper Basket Archive (1986).

Simon Brett is a talented speaker, and performer of one-man 'crime in rhyme' dramas, and a former chair of the Crime Writers Association and the Society of Authors. He lives in West Sussex.


A Decent Interval
The Strangling on the Stage
The Corpse on the Court
Baby Tips for Dads
Guns in the Gallery
Bones under the Beach Hut
The Shooting in the Shop
Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess
The Poisoning in the Pub
Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King's Daughter
Blood at the Bookies
The Stabbing in the Stables
The Penultimate Chance Saloon
The Detection Collection
The Witness at the Wedding
The Hanging in the Hotel
Murder in the Museum
Torso in the Town
Putting the Kettle On
Death on the Downs
The Body on the Beach
A Crime in Rhyme: and Other Mysterious Fragments
Sleeping Beauty
Mrs. Pargeter's Point of Honour
The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood
Crime Writers and Other Animals
Not Another Little Sod!
Mrs. Pargeter's Plot
Mr. Quigley's Revenge
Singled Out
Look Who's Walking
Murder in Play
How to Be a Little Sod
Mrs. Pargeter's Pound of Flesh
The Christmas Crimes at Puzzel Manor
Corporate Bodies
The Booker Book
A Series of Murders
After Henry
What Bloody Man is That
The Faber Book of Diaries
The Wastepaper Basket Archive
The Three Detectives and the Missing Super Star
The Tree Detectives and the Knight in Armour
Dead Romantic
A Box Of Tricks
Dead Giveaway
The Faber Book of Parodies
Not Dead, Only Resting
A Shock to the System
Murder in the Title
Murder Unprompted
The Faber Book of Useful Verse
Situation Tragedy
The Dead Side of the Mike
A Comedian Dies
An Amateur Corpse
Star Trap
So Much Blood
Cast in Order of Disappearance


Diamond Dagger Award
Edgar Award for Best Novel