Reda Gaudiamo


Reda Gaudiamo born in Surabaya, East Java, 1962, and currently lives in Jakarta. She writes short stories and novel for young adults. Her books, Na Willa (2018) and Tentang Kita (About Us, 2015), will be published in the UK by Emma Press in 2018. She has worked as an editor at several popular magazines and is also known as a musician and singer. With her musical duo partner, the late Ari Malibu, she set numerous poems to music. She has won several awards for her short fiction and novels, among others from Gadis and Femina magazine. In 2018 Reda was awarded a writer’s residence in the UK by the National Book Committee of Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture. In her spare time, she does much to promote literacy, especially through the holding of events at Post Santa bookshop.


Na Wila (Emma Press)


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