Rachel Anderson was born in 1943 and worked for 20 years for BBC Radio, newspapers and magazines as a journalist.

She was Children's Book Reviews Editor at Good Housekeeping magazine for 10 years, and in 1990 won the Medical Journalists Award. Several of her short stories have been published in anthologies.

Her first published book was for adults - Pineapple, in 1965 – and she wrote three other adult books: The Purple Heart Throbs, the sub-literature of love (1974); Dream Lovers (1978); and For the Love of Sang (1990).

Since then she has written solely for children and young adults. Her typical themes include war, asylum seekers, abandonment and bereavement, and she also writes books for and about people living with learning disabilities. The latter include Joe's Story (2001), and Big Ben (1998), the story of Matthew, whose older brother Ben has Down's Syndrome and is leaving home to go to residential college.

Her other books for children include two trilogies: The 'Little Angel' Trilogy (1984-1991) and The 'Moving Times' Trilogy (1999-2000).  Her books for older readers include: This Strange New Life (2006), which explores the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on a family; and Red Moon (2006). Her picture books for younger readers include translations of French tales, and Hello Peanut! (2003). 

Rachel Anderson is a member of PEN and lives with her family in Norfolk.


Big Ben
This Strange New Life
Red Moon
Pizza on Saturday
Hugo and the Long Red Arm
The Rattletrap Trip
Hello Peanut!
The Flight of the Emu
Joe's Story
Stronger than Mountains
Bloom of Youth
Grandmother's Footsteps
Big Ben
The Scavenger's Tale
Carly's Luck
Ollie and the Trainers
Blackthorn, Whitethorn
Julie and the Queen of Tonga
Letters from Heaven
The Doll's House
Princess Jazz and the Angels
Black Water
The Working Class
Jessy and the Long-short Dress
When Mum Went to Work
Happy Christmas Little Angel
Paper Faces
Best Friends
Little Fox Lost/Louis Espinassous and Claudine Routiaux
For the Love of Sang
The Cat's Tale
The Bus People
Tough as Old Boots
Little Angel, Bonjour
Jessy Runs Away
French Lessons
Wild Goose Chase/Rick de Haas
Renard the Fox
Tim Walks
Little Angel Comes to Stay
The War Orphan
The Poacher's Son
Moffatt's Road
Dream Lovers
The Purple Heart Throbs, the sub-literature of love


Guardian Children's Fiction Prize
Medical Journalists Award