Peter Robinson


Peter Robinson is a British crime writer based in Canada. He was born in Yorkshire and studied at the University of Leeds before emigrating and studying for an MA at the University of Windsor and a PhD at York University, Toronto.

He is best-known for his series of crime novels set in the fictional town of Eastvale, Yorkshire and featuring Inspector Banks. The first of these novels was Gallows View in 1987, and the most recent is Bad Boy (2010). He is also the author of The Price of Love (2009), a collection of short stories; and Not Safe After Dark and other short works, comprising a novella and three Banks stories. Novels not in the Inspector Banks series are Caedmon's Song (1990); No Cure for Love (1995); and Before the Poison (2011).

His awards include the Macavity Award for Strange Affair in 2006 and In A Dry Season (20000; the Arthur Ellis Award for The Summer that Never Was and In a Dry Season. He also edited the Penguin Book of Crime Stories in 2007.


Before the Prison
Bad Boy
The Price of Love
All the Colours of Darkness
Friend of the Devil
Piece of My Heart
Strange Affair
Playing With Fire
Not Safe After Dark and other short works
The Summer That Never Was
In A Dry Season
Cold is the Grave
Innocent Graves
Dead Right
Wednesday's Child
Dry Bones That Dream
No Cure for Love
Past Reason Hated
Caedmon's Song
Caedmon's Song
A Dedicated Man
A Necessary End
The Hanging Valley
Gallows View