Mihangel Morgan

  • South Wales


Mihangel Morgan was born in 1955 in Aberdare, South Wales and lectures in 20th-century Welsh literature at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

His poetry collections include Beth Yw Rhif Ffôn Duw? (1991); and Digon O Fwydod (2005). His short story collections include Saith Pechod Marwol (1993), stories about the seven deadly sins; Tair Ochr Y Geiniog (1996); and Cathod A Chwn (2000).

His first novel was Dirgel Ddyn (1993), set in a small Welsh village in the Victorian era. Its sequel, Y Ddynes Ddirgel was published in 2001. His second novel, Melog (1997) was translated into English by Christopher Meredith in 2005.  Other novels include Dan Gadarn Goncrit (1999), a mystery novel; Croniclau Pentre Simon (2003); and Pan Oeddwn Fachgen (2002), the story of a young boy's turbulent childhood in South East Wales. 

His latest book is Cestyll Yn Y Cymylau (2007).

Mihangel Morgan lives near Aberystwyth.


Cestyll Yn Y Cymylau
Digon O Fwydod
Croniclau Pentre Simon
Pan Oeddwn Fachgen
Y Ddynes Ddirgel
Creision Hud
Modrybedd Arfadlon
Caradog Prichard
Cathod A Chwn
Dan Gadarn Goncrit
Y Corff Yn Y Parc
Tair Ochr Y Geiniog
Te Gyda'r Frenhines
Dirgel Ddyn
Saith Pechod Marwol
Hen Iwybr A Storiau Eraill
Beth Yw Rhif Ffôn Duw?
Diflaniad Fyfi


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