Leila S. Chudori


Leila S. Chudori is a novelist and former journalist who has has also written for television and film. Her first novel, Pulang (Home), won Indonesia’s top literary prize in 2013 and has been translated into six languages. Born in Jakarta, 1962, Leila began writing at an early age. In college, she first attended the Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific (United World Colleges) in Victoria, Canada, and then later studied politics and social policy at the University of Trent, also in Canada. Her anthology of short stories titled 9 dari Nadira and the second volume of her book Malam Terakhir appeared in 2009. A selection of her short stories has been translated and published in English under the title The Longest Kiss. Her latest novel, titled Laut Bercerita (2017) is a national best seller and will soon appear in English under the title Z The Sea Speaks His Name.


The Longest Kiss (Lontar Foundation)
Indonesian Women Writers (Regiospectra)
Home (Deep Vellum)


Khatulistiwa Literary Award