Ian Whybrow, children's author, was born in Gillingham, Kent and grew up in Margate and in Hong Kong.

He has written over a hundred books for children from picture books to novels, short stories and poetry, and is translated into many languages. Originally a teacher, becoming head of English and Drama and head of Sixth Form at The John Lyon School in North West London, he is now a full-time writer.

The first of his Sniff stories was published in 1989, later becoming a series of books and BBC Radio broadcasts.

His books include the two popular series Little Wolf and Harry and the Dinosaurs. Little Wolf's Book of Badness won the TSB Birmingham Book Award in 1996 and a UKRA Award the same year. It was made into an animated film for television in 2003, then adapted as a play which ran at Hampstead Theatre, London in 2007/08. In 2004, the film was nominated for four British Academy Animation Awards. Little Wolf's Postbag (2000) topped the bestseller list in 2001. Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is an animated television series which began broadcasting in 2005. The book on which the series is based,  Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, was shortlisted for the 2000 Children's Book Award, and won the Sheffield Children's Book Award and the Norfolk Libraries Children's Book Award in the same year. Whiff (2001), now reprinted as Stinky (2009), was shortlisted for the 2001 Blue Peter Book Award: Best Book to Read Aloud.

Ian Whybrow has also written a series of ten books for boys, including A Football Called Flip (2006) and Through the Cat-flap (2008), and many picture and pop-up books, including Quacky Quack-Quack! (1991), Little Farmer Joe (2001) and The Bedtime Bear (1996).

He is also the editor of the Kingfisher Book of Classic Christmas Stories (2004).

Ian Whybrow lives in Middlesex and Herefordshire. In 2009, the best part of a million copies of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs Go To School (2006), was distributed free to children starting school across the country as part of the Booktime Programme.


The Footballer from Outer Space
Rory's Piratical Leg
From Burglar to Football Star
Goldy, Superhamster
Ghost Striker at the Football Club
Save That Train
Say Boo to the Animals
Bella Gets Her Skates On
The Magic Shoebox Farm
Hello! Is That Grandma?
Here Comes Harry with his Bucketful of Dinosaurs
Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School
Tim, Ted and the Pirates
Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Wild
Harry and the Dinosaurs and the Bucketful of Stories
Harry and the Dinosaurs and the Bucketful of Pop-up Dinosaurs
Badness for Beginners
Babies Can!
Say Hello to the Animals!
Good Fun Farm
Faraway Farm
Star Baby
Little Wolf, Terror of the Shivery Sea
Harry and the Dinosaurs Tell the Time
Harry and the Dinosaurs at the Museum
Harry and the Dinosaurs Have a Very Busy Day
Harry and the Dinosaurs Make a Christmas Wish
Harry and the Dinosaurs Romp in the Swamp
Harry and the Dinosaurs Play Hide and Seek
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs Say Raahh!
Little Wolf's Handy Book of Peoms
Little Wolf, Pack Leader
Where's Bite Size?
Harry and the Robots
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs: Gift Set
Little Wolf's Postbag
Little Wolf, Forest Detective
Young Robin's Hood
The Tickle Book
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs
Sniff the Wonderdog
Jump In
Little Wolf's Haunted Hall for Small Horrors
Harry and the Snow King
Parcel for Stanley
Little Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds
Can I Stand On Your Head?
Fix it with Bubblegum
Red's Big Wish Day
Sing Boogie Boogie
Little Wolf's Book of Badness
Nice One Sniff!
Sniff's Last Stand
Sniff and the Secret of Spalderton Hall
Sniff Bounces Back
The Sniff Stories


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Book Award (US)
School Library Journal Best Book of the Year (US)
British Academy Animation Award
Prix de la Ville de Cherbourg
Blue Peter Book Award: Best Book to Read Aloud
Independent Publishers Book Award (US)
Children's Book Award
Norfolk Libraries Children's Book Award
Sheffield Children's Book Award
Carnegie Medal
Cassa di Risparmio di Cento di Letteratura per Ragazzi
Talkie Award
TSB Birmingham Book Award
UKRA Award
Nestlé Smarties Book Prize