Gillian Cross

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Gillian Cross was born in London in 1945, and studied at Somerville College, Oxford and the University of Sussex.

She is the author of several children's books, including the popular 'Demon Headmaster' stories, comprising of: The Demon Headmaster (1982); The Prime Minister's Brain, later republished as The Demon Headmaster and the Prime Minister's Brain (1985); Hunky Parker is Watching You (1994), later republished as The Revenge of the Demon Headmaster (1994); The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again (1996); The Demon Headmaster Takes Over (1997); and Facing The Demon Headmaster (2002). These books were made into a successful BBC television series, and a musical, which first went on tour in 1998.

Her first children's book was The Runaway (1979) and this has been followed by many other novels of wide-ranging subject matter, including Born of the Sun (1983), set in South America; On The Edge (1984); A Map of Nowhere (1988); and The Dark Behind the Curtain (1985); all shortlisted for several awards. Wolf (1990), won the 1990 Carnegie Medal, and The Great Elephant Chase (1992), won the 1992 Whitbread Children's Book Award and the Nestlé Smarties Prize.

Her recent books The Dark Ground (2003), The Black Room (2005), and The Nightmare Game (2006), form The Lost trilogy, a fantasy adventure series. She has also published a picture book for younger children, Brother Aelred's Feet (2007). Her latest books are Where I Belong (2007) and After Tomorrow (2013). 

Gillian Cross lives with her family in Warwickshire.


After Tomorrow
Where I Belong
Brother Aelred's Feet
The Nightmare Game
The Black Room
The Dark Ground
Beware of the Demon Headmaster
Facing the Demon Headmaster
The Treasure in the Mud
Calling a Dead Man
Down with the Dirty Danes!
The Goose Girl
The Demon Headmaster Takes Over
The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again
The Roman Beanfeast
Pictures in the Dark
The Crazy Shoe Shuffle
Posh Watson
What Will Emily Do?
Hunky Parker is Watching You
New World
The Tree House
Beware Olga
The Furry Maccaloo
The Great Elephant Chase
Gobbo the Great
Twin and Super-Twin
The Monster from Underground
Rescuing Gloria
A Map of Nowhere
Roscoe's Leap
The Prime Minister's Brain
The Dark Behind The Curtain
On The Edge
The Mintyglo Kid
Born of the Sun
The Demon Headmaster
The Dark Behind The Curtain
Save Our School
A Whisper of Lace
Revolt at Ratcliffe's Rags
The Runaway
The Iron Way


Nestlé Smarties Book Prize
Whitbread Children's Book Award
Carnegie Medal
Guardian Children's Fiction Prize
Carnegie Medal
Whitbread Children's Book Award
Carnegie Medal
American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults Award
Carnegie Medal
Whitbread Children's Book Award
Guardian Children's Fiction Prize
Carnegie Medal
Guardian Children's Fiction Prize

Author statement

I write because I have always been curious about what it would feel like to be someone else, in a different situation.  Fiction is a wonderful way of exploring that.  As a child, I did it by dressing up and imagining adventures for myself.  Then I discovered that writing the adventures down made them more vivid and absorbing, because I had to sharpen up my imaginary world if I wanted other people to visualise it.   Sharpening up the imaginary world helped me to understand the real one better and sparked off more questions.  The older I get, the more my curiosity grows, and every book I write is a new exploration.