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Denis Bond

  • South London


Denis Bond first worked as an actor on stage and in television, then became a teacher for some years.

He wrote the Pipkins children's television series, then Rainbow, The Munch Bunch and Let's Pretend. In 2005 he wrote Picme for RTE.

His first books were a series of stories about a boy from space called Dagon, and these have been followed by many others, including picture books for younger children, such as The Witch Who Loved To Make Children Cry (1996) and The Shark Who Bit Things He Shouldn't (1998). He writes for older readers for the Scholastic 'Point' Series, and 'Point Romance' books, including Two Weeks in Paradise (1994), Spotlight on Love (1995), Love Letters (1997), Love Dreams (2009) and Will you still love me tomorrow? (2009), under the pseudonym Denise Colby.

His latest book as Denis Bond is Pop Rivals (2004).


Love Dreams
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Pop Rivals
It's a Boy/Girl Thing!
The Very Clever Farmer
The Big Bad Story Book
The Shark Who Bit Things He Shouldn't
Love Letters
The Witch Who Loved To Make Children Cry
No. 1
The Brave Sea Captain
Spotlight On Love
Two Weeks in Paradise
The Monster Who Couldn't Scare Anyone
The Granny Who Wasn't Like Other Grannies
The Train Who Was Frightened of the Dark
The Dragon Who Couldn't Help Breathing Fire
Rough Mix
The Time Lords of Tolemac
The Slave Traders of Ganox
The Munch Bunch (various titles)
Dagon Comes Down to Earth
Never Borrow From a Slug
Granny Greenfly's Flower-Sap Fizz
A Safer Way to Fly
The Show Must Go On
So You Want to be a Rock 'n' Roll Star
A Ghost Among the Lettuces
A Load of Old Rubbish
Dagon and the Spider
Freddy: The Naughtiest Mouse in the World
The Fantastic Fairground