Clara Ng


Clara Ng, born in 1973, is is known for both adult fiction and children's literature. During her childhood in Jakarta, Ng enjoyed reading and read at an advanced rate. After finishing her primary and secondary education in Indonesia, during which time she took up writing, Ng went to the United States to study at Ohio State University. After her graduation in 1997, she worked in the US for a year before returning to Indonesia. After three years working, in which time she married, Ng quit to become a professional writer. She has released several novels, as well as numerous short stories, twenty-one children's books, and some collections of fairytales. Ng, who is a stay at home mother, writes in her spare time at home. She won several national literary awards for her children’s books, among others Rambut Pascal (Pascal's Hair), Sejuta Warna Pelangi (A Million of Rainbow’s Colors) and Jangan Bilang Siapa-Siapa (Don't Tell Anybody). 


All Women Have Affairs & Other Stories (BTW Books)


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