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Clara Ng, born in 1973, is known for both adult fiction and children's literature. After finishing her secondary education in Indonesia, Ng went to the United States to study at Ohio State University. She worked in the US for several years before returning to Indonesia. She has released several novels, as well as numerous short stories, children's books, and some collections of fairytales. Many of them are best sellers. She has won several national literary awards for her children’s books, among others Pascal's Hair Style, To Paint Love, A Very Busy Afternoon and Don't Tell Anybody. Her young adult novel Varaiya's Spell was also nominated for a literary award. In 2018, her children's novel Dru And the Tale of Five Kingdoms was translated into the Tagalog language and published in the Philippines. She has just released her first children's digital story series in English, Little Bo, with Little Lights Studio in Austria.

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Clara Ng DRU and The Tale of Five Kingdom



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