Anthony Browne is a children's author/illustrator and lives in Kent.

He was born in Sheffield in 1946, and grew up in Yorkshire. He studied graphic design at Leeds College of Art and first worked as an illustrator for medical textbooks, then as a greeting card designer.  His popular book, Gorilla (1983) started out as a picture designed for a birthday card. It won a Kate Greenaway Medal and a Kurt Maschler Award in 1983.

His first book, A Walk in the Park, was published in 1977. It has been followed by many other books for children he has written and illustrated, including Bear Hunt (1979); a series of books about Willy, a chimp (1984-1985); The Tunnel (1989); Zoo (1992), winner of a 1992 Kate Greenaway Medal; The Shape Game (2003), which was produced during his time as Illustrator in Residence at The Tate; Into The Forest (2004); Things I Like (2006); and most recently, Little Beauty (2008). His books often have lonely, sensitive child protagonists, and several feature gorillas.

He has also retold and illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1988), King Kong (1994), and Hansel and Gretel (1981); and illustrated books for other authors, including Ian McEwan, Sally Grindley and Janni Howker.

In 2000 he won the Hans Christian Andersen Award for services to children's literature, and from 2009 to 2011 he was Children's Laureate. His 2014 book, Willy's Stories, was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2016.


Willy's Stories
What If...?
One Gorilla, A Counting Book
Me and You
How Do You Feel?
Little Beauty
My Brother
Silly Billy
My Mum
Into The Forest
The Shape Game
Anthony Browne presents the animal fair: a spectacular pop-up
Willy's Pictures
My Dad
Willy the Dreamer
Willy the Wizard
Anthony Browne's King Kong
The Big Baby
Willy and Hugh
Things I Like
The Tunnel
A bear-y tale
I Like Books
The Little Bear Book
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Lewis Carroll
Kirsty Knows Best
Piggy Book
Willy the Champ
Willy the Wimp
Bear Goes To Town
Hansel and Gretel: the Brothers Grimm
Look What I've Got!
Bear Hunt
A Walk in the Park
Through the Magic Mirror


Kate Greenaway Medal (shortlist)
Appointed sixth Children's Laureate
Hans Christian Andersen Award
Kurt Maschler Award
Kate Greenaway Medal
Kurt Maschler Award
Deutscher Jugendliteratur Preis (West Germany)
Kate Greenaway Medal
Kurt Maschler Award