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This unique, searchable database contains profiles of some of the UK and Commonwealth's most important living writers, as well as writers from these regions whom we have worked with. Included in the profiles are biographies, bibliographies, critical reviews, and information about awards.


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Philip MacCann was born in Manchester, England in 1966. He was educated at Trinity College Dublin an...


Playwright and novelist Sharman Macdonald was born in Glasgow in 1951. Educated at the University of...


Robert Macfarlane credit Angus Muir web

Robert Macfarlane was born in Oxford in 1976 and is a travel writer, nature writer and critic. He st...


Shena Mackay c Charlie Hopkinson web

Shena Mackay was born in Edinburgh in 1944. She left school at the age of 16 after winning a poetry ...


Lachlan Mackinnon credit Wendy Cope

Lachlan Mackinnon was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1956 and educated at Charterhouse and Christ Chu...


Tim Mackintosh-Smith is an Arabist, traveller, writer and lecturer. He studied at Oxford University ...


MacLaverty Bernard Credit Jude MacLaverty

Bernard MacLaverty was born in Belfast in 1942, and moved to Scotland in 1975, where he lived in Edi...


Rory Maclean c Nick Danziger

Rory MacLean was born and educated in Canada. As a child he made a cardboard-and-crayon world atlas,...


Aonghas MacNeacail

Aonghas Macneacail was born in 1942 on the Isle of Skye, and attended Glasgow University from 1968-1...


Maguire Sarah Credit Crispin Hughs

The poet and translator Sarah Maguire was born in West London in 1957. After leaving school early, s...


Derek Mahon was born in Belfast in 1941. He studied French Literature at Trinity College, Dublin, an...


Sara Maitland

Sara Maitland is a novelist and short story writer. Born in 1950, she grew up in Galloway, studied a...


Malouf David Credit Conrad Del Villar

David Malouf was born in Queensland, Australia, in 1934 to a Lebanese-Christian father and English-J...



Bidisha Mamata is a British writer and broadcaster based in London. Educated at Oxford University an...


Jessica proofs42

Crime-writer Jessica Mann was born in London, England in 1937. She studied archaeology at Cambridge ...



Aoife Mannix is the author of four collections of poetry: The Trick of Foreign Words (2002); The Ele...


Hilary Mantel no credit web

Hilary Mantel was born in Glossop, Derbyshire, England on 6 July 1952. She studied Law at the London...


Sarfraz Manzoor web

Sarfraz Manzoor is a writer, journalist and broadcaster. He was born near Faisalabad in 1971 and lef...


Mapanje Keith Pattinson

Malawian poet Jack Mapanje taught in Malawi Secondary Schools before he joined the Department of Eng...


P Marber 2014 credited to Fran Hergessal web

Writer (and occasional director and actor) Patrick Marber was born in London in 1964. He was educate...


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Journeys in Translation

By Emma Lee and Ambrose Musiyiwa

How does poetry travel across borders and languages? Ambrose Musiyiwa and Emma Lee, two poets from Leicester who are coordinating a multi-lingual poetry project called Journeys in Translations, discuss their inspirations and explain how you too can get involved.

Hay Festival Wales 2017 Podcast: Indian and Welsh authors explore the meaning of place

By Daisy Leitch

Welsh and Indian authors reflect on the theme of place in their writing at this podcast recorded at the Hay Festival Wales 2017. The poets took part in the Hay Mela: a series of events at Hay Festival that were part of the UK India Year of Culture 2017- a year of cultural exchange marking the 70th anniversary of India’s independence.

Hay Festival Wales 2017 Podcast: celebrating 30 years of the Hay festival with 30 reformations by writers

By Daisy Leitch

30 Reformations – 500 years after Martin Luther sparked a theological revolution with his 95 Theses, Hay Festival invited a series of world leading writers and thinkers to imagine a different world in conversations, lectures and essays. We spoke to 3 of the authors and asked what would you reform?

Hay Festival Wales 2017 Podcast: the importance of story telling and translation for young people

By Daisy Leitch

In this podcast, recorded at the Hay Festival 2017, we look at the importance of literature and books for young people: and we ask what is the value for younger readers of literature in translation and why is it important to discover stories from other countries?

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