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This unique, searchable database contains profiles of some of the UK and Commonwealth's most important living writers, as well as writers from these regions whom we have worked with. Included in the profiles are biographies, bibliographies, critical reviews, and information about awards.


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Writers directory

Paul Bailey c Jonathan Ring web

Writer and broadcaster Paul Bailey was born on 16 February 1937. He won a scholarship to the Central...



Rajeev Balasubramanyam was born in 1974 in Lancashire, and originates from Southern India. He is a g...


bamforth BW

Iain Bamforth was born in 1959 into a Plymouth Brethren family and grew up in Glasgow, where he atte...


Bandele Biyi Credit Manuel Vason

Biyi Bandele was born in Nigeria in 1967, and now lives in London. He has written several plays, and...


John Banville

Irish novelist John Banville was born in Wexford in Ireland in 1945. He was educated at a Christian ...


Nicola Barker c Tony Davis

Nicola Barker was born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, in 1966. She spent part of her life in South Africa b...


Pat Barker c Justine Stoddard 2015 USE THIS ONE web

Novelist Pat Barker was born in Thornaby-on-Tees in Yorkshire, England, on 8 May 1943. She was educa...



Patrick Barkham was born in 1975 in Norfolk and was educated at Cambridge University. He is a Nation...


Nick Barlay

Nick Barlay is the author of three novels: Curvy Lovebox (1997); Crumple Zone (2000); and  Hooky Gea...


Barnes Julian Credit Alan Edwards web

Novelist Julian Barnes was born in Leicester on 19 January 1946 and was educated at the City of Lond...


Simon Barraclough c Jamie Ryan

Simon Barraclough was born and raised in Huddersfield and studied at the Universities of Nottingham ...


Sebastian Barry credit Photograph courtesy of the Irish Times

Sebastian Barry was born on 5 July 1955 in Dublin and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. His acade...


Neil Bartlett c Camilla Broadbent 2 web

Neil Bartlett was born in 1958 in Hertfordshire, and is a writer, playwright, translator, performer ...


Susan Bassnett photo web

Susan Bassnett is Professor of Comparative Literature in the Centre for Translation and Comparative ...


Jonathan Bate

Jonathan Bate studied at Cambridge and Harvard universities. Well known as a biographer, critic, bro...



Laura Bates is the founder of the award-winning Everyday Sexism Project, an ever-increasing collecti...


bathhurst bella

Bella Bathurst is a fiction and non-fiction writer, and photographer, born in London and living in S...



Stephen Baxter was born in Liverpool in 1957 and studied maths at Cambridge University and engineeri...


Francesca Beard Photo

Francesca Beard was born in Malaysia and lives in London. She has been described as ‘spine-tingling’...


ned web

Ned Beauman was born in London. His debut novel, Boxer, Beetle, won the Goldberg Prize for Outstandi...


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Journeys in Translation

By Emma Lee and Ambrose Musiyiwa

How does poetry travel across borders and languages? Ambrose Musiyiwa and Emma Lee, two poets from Leicester who are coordinating a multi-lingual poetry project called Journeys in Translations, discuss their inspirations and explain how you too can get involved.

Hay Festival Wales 2017 Podcast: Indian and Welsh authors explore the meaning of place

By Daisy Leitch

Welsh and Indian authors reflect on the theme of place in their writing at this podcast recorded at the Hay Festival Wales 2017. The poets took part in the Hay Mela: a series of events at Hay Festival that were part of the UK India Year of Culture 2017- a year of cultural exchange marking the 70th anniversary of India’s independence.

Hay Festival Wales 2017 Podcast: celebrating 30 years of the Hay festival with 30 reformations by writers

By Daisy Leitch

30 Reformations – 500 years after Martin Luther sparked a theological revolution with his 95 Theses, Hay Festival invited a series of world leading writers and thinkers to imagine a different world in conversations, lectures and essays. We spoke to 3 of the authors and asked what would you reform?

Hay Festival Wales 2017 Podcast: the importance of story telling and translation for young people

By Daisy Leitch

In this podcast, recorded at the Hay Festival 2017, we look at the importance of literature and books for young people: and we ask what is the value for younger readers of literature in translation and why is it important to discover stories from other countries?

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