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Michelle Paver

  • Malawi


Michelle Paver was born in Nyasaland (now Malawi) in 1960 and moved to England in 1963.

She studied biochemistry at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and later qualified as a solicitor, before taking up writing.

Her first novel was Without Charity (2000), set during the Boer War, and her second, A Place in the Hills (2001), tells two interweaving love stories, 2,000 years apart. This book was shortlisted for the Parker Pen Romantic Novel of the Year Award in 2002.

Her next three books form the 'Eden' trilogy, set in Jamaica. They are The Shadow Catcher (2002); Fever Hill (2004); and The Serpent's Tooth (2005).

Her popular and acclaimed 'Chronicles of Ancient Darkness' are a set of six books, set in prehistoric times and featuring a boy, Torak, and his wolf companion. The set is comprised of: Wolf Brother (2004); Spirit Walker (2005); Soul Eater (200); Outcast (2007); Oath Breaker (2007); and Ghost Hunter (2009), winner of the 2010 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.

Michelle Paver's latest book is Dark Matter: A Ghost Story (2010), set in the Arctic.


Dark Matter: A Ghost Story
Ghost Hunter
Oath Breaker
Soul Eater
Spirit Walker
The Serpent's Tooth
Wolf Brother
Fever Hill
The Shadow Catcher
A Place in the Hills
Without Charity


Guardian Children's Fiction Prize
Parker Pen Romantic Novel of the Year Award