Alan Gibbons

  • Warrington, Cheshire


Alan Gibbons was born in 1953 in Warrington, Cheshire, later moving with his family to Crewe.

He was a school teacher for some time and now works as a full-time writer and independent educational consultant. He is also a regular contributor to education newspapers and magazines such as Times Education Supplement and Junior Education.

He has written many books for children and young adults, including the Total Football series (1997-1999); the Legendeer trilogy (Shadow of the Minotaur, 2000; Vampyr Legion, 2000; and Warrior of the Raven, 2001) - which tells the story of a boy, Phoenix, involved in a virtual reality computer game. He also wrote a fantasy sequence, Lost Souls, comprising of Rise of the Blood Moon (2006) and Setting of a Cruel Sun (2006).

Scared to Death (2007), is the first in the Hell's Underground series. The second in the series is The Demon Assassin (2008). The Number 7 Shirt (2008), a book for reluctant readers, is the latest in a series of other books he has written for Barrington Stoke, namely: The Cold Heart of Summer (2002); The Night Hunger (2004); and The Greatest (2006). 

His books for teenage audiences often deal with difficult issues, and have included stories about bullying, domestic violence and the effects of terrorism. His most recent novels are no exception dealing with the issues of gun crime (Raining Fire (2013)), hate crime (Hate (2014)) and difficult father son relationship (End Game and Street Corner Dad (2015)). He occasionally writes with his twin daughters Rachel and Megan, the most recent collaboration being Weirdibeasts Weird School Day (2015). 

Alan Gibbons won the Blue Peter Book Award: The Book I Couldn't Put Down in 2000 for Shadow of the Minotaur (2000), and has been shortlisted twice for the Carnegie Medal and the Booktrust Teenage Prize.


Street Corner Dad
Weirdibeasts Weird School Day
End Game
Raining Fire
An Act of Love
The Dying Photo
Rib Ticklers
The Demon Assassin
The Legendeer Trilogy
The Number 7 Shirt
Scared to Death
The Greatest
Rise of the Blood Moon
Setting of a Cruel Sun
Blood Pressure
Hold On
The Night Hunger
The Lost Boys' Appreciation Society
The Defender
Death Riders
Caught in the Crossfire
The Dark Beneath
The Edge
The Cold Heart of Summer
Julie and Me: Treble Trouble
Julie and Me and Michael Own Makes Three
Warriors of the Raven
Vampyr Legion
Shadow of the Minotaur
A Fight to Belong
Final Countdown
Twin Strikers
When My Ship Came In - Big Book
Injury Time
Last Man Standing
Divided We Fall
Power Play
Some You Win
Under Pressure
Playing With Fire
When My Ship Came In
Street of Tall People
City of Fire
Climbing Boys
Ganging Up
Not Yeti
Grandad's Ears
Hattie Hates Hats
S.O.S. Save Our Santa
Dagger in the Sky
Whose Side Are You On?
Varying Degrees of Hopelessness
Jaws of the Dragon


Booktrust Teenage Prize
Booktrust Teenage Prize
Carnegie Medal
Blue Peter Book Award: The Book I Couldn't Put Down
Carnegie Medal

Author statement

Telling stories is what I do, it's one of the things that makes me tick. I feel so lucky that winning a Blue Peter Award on TV made it possible for me to turn my hobby into a full time career. I now travel the UK and destinations as far afield as China, Cyprus, Spain, France and Norway talking about books and leading writing workshops. I can't imagine a better way to earn a living. All power to the imagination!