These blog posts offer an insight into some of the projects that we’ve supported and how the British Council works with literature, including interviews with writers, diaries from international visits, and reflections on completed or on-going projects. The opinions expressed in the blog are those of the authors.

Muriel Spark 100

| by Rachel Stevens

Marking the centenary of the birth of poet and novelist Muriel Spark with a call for poems inspired by a line from The Driver's Seat.

Poetry on the Chinese metro

| by Jiali Luo

A new project is bringing poetry to audiences across China as they travel on the metro!

Poem by Kaiser Haq in response to Shakespeare's Sonnet 66

| by Kaiser Haq

For our Sonnet Exchange event at Alchemy Festival this year, Bangladeshi poet Kaiser Haq was commissioned to write a response to Shakespeare. Kaiser chose to take as his starting point Sonnet 66, 'Tired with all these, for restful death I cry'. His response is below.

Sonnets for the Horn of Africa - Part 2

| by David Fitzpatrick

Filmmaker David Fitzpatrick blogs about his experience filming in Khartoum, Sudan as part of our programme Sonnets for the Horn of Africa.