Walking Cities: Rome

Watch the next film in our series of Walking Cities films, pairing up writers across Europe and beyond to talk about Shakespeare. Rome is a key strategic centre for the Ancient history plays.

Walking Cities: Vienna

The next in our series of short films in which contemporary writers across Europe exchange ideas on Shakespeare’s lasting and ever-changing influence on contemporary writing.

Walking Cities - Verona

Watch the film third in our series of Walking Cities films. This time two games writers meet in Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet, to talk about Shakespeare's virtual realities...

My London: British-Indian writers' stories of the capital

In 2017, the UK and India will celebrate a major bilateral year of cultural exchange. In December 2016, British Council are exploring the arts and culture scene in the UK’s capital, London. With an international reputation for producing some of the most innovative creative talent and rich artistic work in the world, London is at the centre of the UK’s cultural life. Listen to British-Indian writers' stories of the capital in this mini podcast series!

First Monday Blog: Poetry as Protest

| by Deanna Rodger

For December's 'First Monday Blog' we asked poet Deanna Rodger to write about poetry and protest. In her piece Deanna uses poetry to explore definitions of protest and examine our relationship with it. Read Deanna's poetic response below.

Walking Cities - Athens

Watch the second in our series of short films. Anthony Anaxogorou meets with director of the National Theatre Greece to talk about Shakespeare.

Walking Cities - Olite, Spain

Watch this short film with UK based novelist Kamila Shamsie and Spanish author and translator Javier Montes discussing Shakespeare.

Word of the Day - Translating Romeo and Juliet

Our third Word of the Day blog from Mexico takes Romeo 'where no other Romeo has ever been before (at least in Spanish).' Read on for more insights into Shakespearean translation.

Word of the Day - Translating The Tempest

| by Mónica Maffía‘s translation group

How do you translate the language of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' into Spanish? Workshop attendees report back from Mexico in our second Word of the Day blog.