WOW Kathmandu

| by Daisy Leitch

In this blog, Literature Programme Manager Daisy Leitch writes from Kathamandu on her work with WOW – Women of the World festival.

First Monday Blog: Polish Beauty

| by Agnieszka Dale

Agnieszka Dale describes the beauty and complexity of Polish writing 'with our seven noun cases and millions of lovely diminutives', and reflects on discovering a deeper sense of Polish identity through literature, and the writing of Witold Gombrowicz.

What We're Reading

Ever wondered what's on our reading list? Find out which books make the literature team tick!

Walking Cities: London

Watch the next in our series of short films. Kayo Chingonyi meets with Austrian writer Julya Rabinowich.

Look Ahead: British Council Literature in 2017

In 2016 a large part of our work in Literature explored the legacy of William Shakespeare through the Shakespeare Lives programme. Read on to find out what we're working on next.

Monday Blog: Literary Projects with Older Adults

| by Gemma Seltzer

How can creative writing be used to enhance the lives of older adults? Gemma Seltzer's project 'Writers Meet Elders' researches creative writing and ageing, finding ways of using literature to make 'a quiet intervention in the landscape'. Read this blog to find out about some of the best literature projects with older adults.