These blog posts offer an insight into some of the projects that we’ve supported and how the British Council works with literature, including interviews with writers, diaries from international visits, and reflections on completed or on-going projects. The opinions expressed in the blog are those of the authors.

Walking Cities - Athens

Watch the second in our series of short films. Anthony Anaxogorou meets with director of the National Theatre Greece to talk about Shakespeare.

Walking Cities - Olite, Spain

Watch this short film with UK based novelist Kamila Shamsie and Spanish author and translator Javier Montes discussing Shakespeare.

Word of the Day - Translating Romeo and Juliet

Our third Word of the Day blog from Mexico takes Romeo 'where no other Romeo has ever been before (at least in Spanish).' Read on for more insights into Shakespearean translation.

Word of the Day - Translating The Tempest

| by Mónica Maffía‘s translation group

How do you translate the language of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' into Spanish? Workshop attendees report back from Mexico in our second Word of the Day blog.

Writer in residence at Edge Hill University: Maung Day

One of Myanmar's leading poets, Maung Day, will be writer in residence at Edge Hill University for two weeks in November and December. In this blog Lucas Stewart talks about Myanmar's place in South East Asia's burgeoning literary scene, and shares details of two exciting events with Maung Day, open to UK audiences in London and Liverpool

Kagiso Lesego Molope: Dust and No Dahlias

Our second British Council International Writer-in-Residence at Small Wonder Short Story Festival is Kagiso Lesego Molope. In this piece Kasigo reflects on the festival, her writing, the enduring influence of Virginia Woolf, and Charleston as 'the ideal set up for a writers’ festival'. Read on for more.

Word of the Day - Translating Hamlet

The first blog from our Shakespeare Lives translation conference in Mexico, where translators have been wrestling with Hamlet's iconic soliloquy. Read on to find out how participants of the workshop got on.

First Monday Blog: Shakespeare from Space

| by Preti Taneja

For the next in our series of monthly blogs, we asked the author and academic Preti Taneja to share her thoughts on 'Global Shakespeare'. Her piece is inspired by a book published in 1916 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Taneja takes us forward to Shakespeare's next centenary, and poses the provocative question - what people then will think of us now?

To Russia With Poets - Scottish / Russian Sonnet Exchange

| by Jennifer Williams

Facilitator Jennifer Williams blogs about her trip to Russia in September with Scottish and Russian poets who have collaborated to produce new work. Read the blog and watch the films at the bottom of the page.

Lahore Literary Festival in London

| by Daisy Leitch

The Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) - a major cultural festival happening each year in Pakistan - will travel to London for the first time on October 29, 2016 at the British Museum.