First Monday Blog: On Law, Literature and Narratives

| by Téa Braun

In the first in our new series of blogs, coming on the first Monday of each month, Téa Braun of Human Dignity Trust explores the relationship between Literature and the Law.

Trading Stories: From Lahore to Lewis

| by Daisy Leitch

A group of illustrators, musicians and story tellers from Scotland and Pakistan travelled from Edinburgh International Book Festival to the Outer Hebrides.

Shakespeare Lives in Illustration: Karrie Fransman

| by Leah Cross

Illustrator and comic creator Karrie Fransman talks about her 'Tragedy' illustration, commissioned for our Shakespeare Lives campaign, and shares before and after sketches of her work.

Shakespeare Lives in Illustration

| by Leah Cross

As part of our Shakespeare Lives campaign, we commissioned three illustrators to visually interpret Shakespearean themes.

Word of the Day - Translating Shakespeare into Romanian

| by Anca Tomus, Alexandru Calin, Andreea Ioana Șerban, Dana Badulescu and George Volceanov

Romanian translators taking part in A Great Feast of Languages workshop in Cologne blog on the most challenging word(s) of the day, when translating texts from Shakespeare's plays.