Opportunity: India Literature and Publishing Sector Research

We are seeking proposals from researchers who would be interested in delivering a piece of research for us on the literature and publishing sectors in India.

The British Council is seeking proposals from researchers to conduct research into India’s trade publishing and literature sectors, identifying opportunities for internationalisation and identifying challenges and issues faced by publishers and other literature organisations from working and collaborating more internationally, specifically with the UK.

India has hundreds of recognised languages, with 22 official languages, yet most Indian literature known globally has been written in English, with very little Indian literature in translation making it to western markets. In order to better understand this aspect of the sector, this research will focus on:

  • Publishers, writers and literature organisations working in India’s official languages
  • Consulting with individuals working as trade publishers, writers, translators, literary agents, live literature producers

The purpose of the research is to:

  • Provide a needs-based analysis for British Council literature programme development in India
  • Identify new partners and stakeholders who British Council might collaborate with
  • Identify barriers to internationalisation faced by Indian literature and publishing professionals

Suppliers should demonstrate experience of:

  • Designing and conducting research in the publishing sector including, but not limited to using a wide range of methodologies, writing executive summaries of research findings, and analysing large amounts of qualitative data
  • Working in an international literature/publishing context, including experience of working in/with and connections to Indian publishing/literary professionals demonstrating an understanding of the local context

Potential suppliers must read through the following documents and submit their completed proposals to uk-literature@britishcouncil.org by 22 November 2020 at 17.00 GMT.


Request for Proposal (RFP): India Literature & Publishing Sector Research

Annex 1: Terms and Conditions of Contract

Annex 2: Supplier Response

Annex 3: Pricing Approach


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