Indonesia Market Focus 2019: Funding Opportunities

We are offering a number of grants to support collaborative exchange between Indonesian and UK literary professionals. Deadline is 17 December 2018.

In conjunction with the Indonesia Market Focus at The London Book Fair in March 2019, the British Council and the National Organising Committee for Indonesia as Market Focus Country at the 2019 London Book Fair (NOC) will be offering small grants to both UK and Indonesia-based organisations.

The focus of each grant programme slightly varies but this, the first call for grant proposals, originates from the British Council and will be managed by the British Council in cooperation with NOC. The second call for proposals, led by NOC, will be announced after the first round of proposals have been awarded.

We will be awarding between 2 and 4 grants of up to £3000 each. This funding can be used for the delivery of a small-scale project or the scoping/research for a larger project which achieves at least one of the stated objectives for the Indonesia Market Focus. Examples of funded activity include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • A visit by an Indonesian writer to participate in a literary festival, mini residency, workshop or deliver a talk
  • A translation of contemporary Indonesian literature
  • A showcase of Indonesian literature either online or in print
  • A research/scoping trip to develop a collaboration or partnership in the UK or Indonesia
  • Pilot activity for a larger programme inspired by an existing connection between UK and Indonesian literary sectors.

Download further details and how to apply


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