British Council Nature Writing Seminar 2018

| by Joe White

The British Council invite Robert Macfarlane, Helen MacDonald, and four other celebrated writers to take part in this year's Nature Writing Seminar in Munich

British Council Nature Writing Seminar, Munich & Nantesbuch Stiftung, 7 – 9 June 2018


The British Council Nature Writing Seminar 2018: will bring together six contemporary British writers over three days in June for readings, discussions and workshops. The seminar offers academics, students, publishers, translators, journalists and literature lovers the chance to hear the latest nature writing from the UK and engage with the writers and their work first hand...

We are delighted that the renowned writer Robert Macfarlane will chair the seminar, which will also feature other eminent and exciting British writers: Nancy Campbell, Horatio Clare, Sarah Hall, Helen MacDonald and Helen Mort. The writers will read from recent works, discuss characteristics of nature writing and explore recent trends of the genre in the UK. The seminar aims to open out and diversify our sense of what 'nature writing' might be, to challenge and fracture the term itself, while remaining alert to its powers and possibilities, and to the historical existence of a tradition.

The seminar will take place in partnership with the Literaturhaus München and the Nantesbuch Stiftung, and happen in the context of the British Council’s UK/Germany2018 season. It starts in the evening of Thursday, 7 June, at Literaturhaus München and finishes in the evening of Saturday, 9 June, at Nantesbuch Stiftung. Bus transfer from Munich to Nantesbuch Stiftung and back will be provided.

Seminar fee: €100 (reduced €50). Participants will be responsible for the costs and booking of their own travel to and accommodation in Munich.

If you are interested in attending, please register here:

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