First Monday Blog: Alternative Albion

| by Abigale Feasey

Six West Midlands writers share their creative impressions of Kyiv.

Six West Midlands writers visited Ukraine earlier this year, as part of the ‘Alternative Albion’ strand of the Kyiv Arsenal Book Fair, which was supported by the British Council. The delegation truly reflected the breadth and diversity of contemporary British literature, with guests Jonathan Coe, Alan ‘Kurly’ McGeachie, Kit de Waal, Cat Weatherill, Stuart Maconie and Jonathan Davidson, representing the novel, spoken-word performance, the short story, children’s writing, creative non-fiction, and poetry.

In addition to familiarising Kyiv with the UK and its literature, the delegation also took the opportunity to experience the Ukrainian capital and the lives of the Kyivites. They did this by embarking on an expedition - a walking tour of the city - on which they were encouraged to fully embrace the atmosphere and engage their senses. Inspired by their surroundings, Stuart, Cat, Kurly, Jonathan Davidson, Kit de Waal and Jonathan Coe shared their creative impressions of the city which, in turn, tantalisingly capture the delights of the ancient and modern capital.

Follow the links below to read their blogs.

Stuart Maconie

Cat Weatherill

Kurly McGeachie

Jonathan Davidson

Kit de Waal

Jonathan Coe

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