Walking Cities - Athens

Watch the second in our series of short films. Anthony Anaxogorou meets with director of the National Theatre Greece to talk about Shakespeare.

Shakespeare set more than one play in Athens, Timon of Athens and Midsummer Night's Dream. To celebrate this we invited award-winning poet Anthony Anaxagorou to meet up with Stathis Livathinos, director of the National Theatre Greece. They walk through the streets of Greece discussing what Shakespeare means to them, and how they approach his plays, in particular the socio-political and social dimension that is as pressing today as it ever was.  



 This is the second in our series of 8 short films exploring ideas of place and space in Shakespeare. We've paired UK writers with counterparts in 8 locations across Europe (and beyond), to walk the streets which Shakespeare evokes in the settings of his plays. This film explore giving them an opportunity to explore the fictional and the real, the way architecture can shape the mind, and to exchange ideas about what Shakespeare means to us all today.


Want to hear more from Anthony? While he was out in Greece, Anthony also took time out for an interview with Vice magazine. See the full interview here (just opt for CC - subs On, at the bottom of the viewer).

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