Add to researchDickens commemorated in 24 countries over 24 hours with global read-a-thon

On his 200th birthday, Dickens achieved worldwide recognition with readings from all over the world.

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24 countries read extracts of their work aloud on Tuesday, all uploaded to Twitter over 24 hours. From Dickens' own description of Southwark bridge in  'Our Mutual Friend', read aloud in a Syrian cafe, to Tiny Tim wishing 'A Merry Christmas to us all' from a blizzard in Kazakhstan, disparate people and disparate places came together online. To see how it worked see our Twitter feed from the day listed below.

See the video highlights below, or for specific country videos scroll down and follow the links.


Individual videos by country as they were tweeted:

7am To kick off the Dickens 2012 read-a-thon actress Miriam Margolyes reads from 'Dombey&Son' #Dickens2012 in Australia.

8am Now for a Malaysian mash-up of 'The Pickwick Papers' from Kuala Lumpur. Happy 200th Birthday #Dickens2012!

9am Mr Clenham returns from China in British Council Beijing’s reading of ‘Little Dorrit’ #Dickens2012.

10am Witness ‘The Haunted Man’ read by a group of talented school children from the Ukraine.

11am Get your tear ducts ready for a reading of ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ from Japan #Dickens2012.

12pm Still want more? Winner of Korea’s #Dickens2012 competition reads from ‘Oliver Twist’.

1pm #Dickens2012 read-a-thon is a quarter of the way through! Enjoy this milestone reading of ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ in India.

2pm Brrr! See Dickens travel to -30 degrees in Russia with a reading from ‘The Cricket on the Hearth’ #Dickens2012.

3pm Bah Humbug! What better way to read ‘A Christmas Carol’ than in a blizzard in Kazakhstan? #Dickens2012.

4pm 20 hours in and still going strong! Next up is a reading from ‘The Uncommercial Traveller’ from Karachi, Pakistan #Dickens2012.

5pm Follow a reading from 'Our Mutual Friend' in Syria #Dickens 2012

6pm Don’t miss this dramatic reading of ‘The Chimes’ from Malta #Dickens2012.

7pm Greece find links to their political polemic in this reading of ‘Barnaby Rudge’ #Dickens2012.

8pm Student from Albania talks about how Dickens has inspired her with a reading from ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’ #Dickens2012.

9pm David Nicholls @BFI reads from his favourite Dickens novel, 'Great Expectations' here in the UK.

10pm Over half way through the #Dickens2012 global read-a-thon. Enjoy a reading from Argentina's favourite #Dickens2012 novel ‘Bleak House’.

11pm ‘Whether or not I shall be the hero of my own life, these pages must show’: Morocco deliver their rendition of ‘David Copperfield’ #Dickens2012.

12am ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’… watch a reading of 'A Tale of Two Cities' from a very chilly Ottawa, Canada #Dickens2012.

1am Due to technical issues, Singapore can't join #Dickens2012 so Syria jumps in for a second reading.**

2am Bulgaria are next in line for the #Dickens2012 read-a-thon with a rendition of the little known but wonderful ‘Battle of Life’

3am Azerbaijan celebrate Dickens’ 200th birthday with a reading from ‘The Mudfog Papers’ #Dickens2012.

4am Three Romanian fans continue the #Dickens2012 read-a-thon with ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ Romania.

5am ‘There is nothing in Italy, more beautiful to me, than…’ this reading from the Keats & Shelley House in Rome #Dickens2012 Italy.

6am A member of our team in Iraq concludes with an extract from 'Hard Times'.

**We are delighted to now include a reading from Sketches by Boz from Singapore's bicentenary event.