Add to researchTales of Two Cities: the Shoreditch House Literary Salon goes to Moscow

Damian’s Barr’s highly successful Shoreditch House Literary Salon will be taking place overseas for the first time in Moscow next week. The theme will be ‘Tales of the City: Real and Imagined’.

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Cities exist on maps and in minds—some exist in both.  They are made of bricks and buildings but also of people and stories.  They are rarely utopic or dystopic but instead involve traffic jams and cinema tickets and drinks with friends and late-night trysts and early morning awkwardness.  Cities also exist in time—would Dickens get served in a Soho bar today?  Not if his pocket had already been picked by a contemporary Oliver. Would Pushkin feel at home in Moscow now?

Damian Barr brings his celebrated Literary Salon from London to Moscow and invites leading British and Russian writers to share their personal and literary tales of cities real and imagined.

Hosted by Damian Barr, the Salon in Moscow will feature novelist, writer and columnist Sam Leith; Random House Digital Editor Dan Franklin; writer, poet, essayist, journalist, translator and artist Linor Goralik; and writer and poet Alexander Ilichevsky, who won the Russian Booker Prize in 2007.